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Delivery Policy

At our catering service, we understand that delivery is an important part of our off-premise catering service. Therefore, we have developed a delivery policy to ensure that our customers receive their orders on time and in good condition.
  1. Delivery Location: We offer delivery within a certain radius of our catering service location. Please contact us to confirm whether we can deliver to your location and any additional fees that may apply.

  2. Delivery Time: We will work with you to determine the best delivery time for your event. We recommend scheduling delivery at least one hour before the start of your event to allow sufficient time for set up.

  3. Delivery Confirmation: We will confirm the delivery time and location with you prior to the event to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

  4. Food Safety: We take food safety seriously and ensure that all food is transported and delivered in accordance with food safety guidelines

  5. Delivery Charges:
    Individual Packed Food or Family/Mini Tray:  Charges is based on the location of the       delivery point. However, for food value more than RM1,000, delivery charge is waived. ​​
    Full Service Buffet/DOME/Hand Passed Style Event: 
      Delivery charges (within Klang Valley) are based on the total food value (before SST):
        Less than RM1,500 - RM150
        RM1,500 - RM3,499 - RM100
        More than RM3,500 - Free of charge (FOC)


  6. Delivery Method & Service
    Individual Packed Food/Disposable Tray (Drop Off)
    Delivery Method: The delivery will be managed by our in-house team. In the event of our team being occupied or transportation being utilized elsewhere, a third-party delivery service, such as Lalamove, will be engaged. Otherwise, our in-house delivery will be utilized.
    Manpower: No manpower will be provided for food arrangement. Kindly make your own arrangements. 
    Communication & Arrival: For delivery, the driver will contact you just before arriving at your venue. Upon arrival, please collect the food directly from the driver.

    Special Arrangements:  If you require any special arrangements, please inform us in advance, and additional charges may apply.

    Buffet/DOME/Hand Passed:
    Delivery Method: Our buffet service includes delivery by our dedicated team. In cases where our team is engaged with other events or transport has been allocated elsewhere, we may use a reputable third-party delivery service.
    Manpower and Setup: Kindly refer to the agreed Invoice for number of manpower provided for on-site food arrangement.​​
    Communication and Arrival:The designated delivery driver will contact the client just before reaching the venue. Clients are expected to be present to receive the delivery upon the driver's arrival

    Special Arrangements: for Door to Door service, clients are required to make special arrangements and should inform us in advance. Additional charges may apply for any specific requests or services beyond the standard drop off delivery terms

By following these guidelines, we can ensure that your off-premise catering experience is hassle-free and enjoyable. If you have any questions or concerns about our delivery policy, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via at 010 988 7606 or via email.
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