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Food Quantity & Portion Policy

To ensure that all guests are well-fed and satisfied, we recommend the following guidelines for ordering food:

  • Estimate the number of guests attending your event: It's important to have an accurate estimate of the number of guests attending your event. This will help us determine the quantity of food that needs to be prepared.

  • Choose your menu options: Select a variety of menu items that will suit the tastes and preferences of your guests. We recommend a variety of dishes, appetizers, and desserts.

  • Determine the appropriate quantity of food: Our portions are designed to be generous, but not excessive. 

  • Consider dietary restrictions: We offer options for guests with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free. Please let us know in advance if you require these options.

  • Consider the duration of the event: If your event is longer than 2-3 hours, we recommend adding additional menu items to ensure that guests have enough food throughout the event.

  • When placing an order for catering, it's important to estimate the right amount of food for your guests.

  • To ensure that all guests are well-fed and satisfied, the food should be ordered based on the number of guests you will be expecting. Ordering food for the exact number of guests will ensure that everyone has enough to eat and can enjoy all the different types of food that you have selected.

  • Please note that the quantity of food ordered per dish is specifically tailored to accommodate the number of guests specified in your order. For instance, if you order food for 50 guests, each dish is prepared to serve 50 portions. Regardless of the variety of dishes selected, it is essential to match the number of portions per dish with the number of guests. This is because guests often like to sample each dish, necessitating an order that caters to the number of guests for each dish.

  • If the quantity of portions ordered per dish does not align with the number of guests, Tasty Touch Catering cannot guarantee that the food will be sufficient. It is crucial to anticipate that all guests will partake in the various dishes provided on the buffet table. Therefore, it is important to order food based on the number of guests expected to ensure that everyone is adequately fed and content.

  • By placing an order with our catering service, you agree to our food quantity policy


Please note that the following allocation is the minimum requirement for a heavy meal such as Lunch or Dinner and  Hi Tea session. Failing to meet these minimum requirements may result in a shortage of food, leaving guests hungry during this time of the day. TTC does not guarantee that the meal will be sufficient if the order does not meet the minimum requirement.

If you choose to order less than the minimum requirement, we assume that you have made other arrangements to ensure your guests have sufficient food.


Finger Food only

7 types of finger food per guest will suit a morning/afternoon tea or light meal
10 types of finger food per guest is ample to replace a meal for dinner or lunch. (normal)
12 types of finger food per guest is able to replace a meal for dinner or lunch (large eater)

Finger Food and Dishes

4-5 types of finger food and with 1-2 light dishes ( eg Pasta, Noodle or Rice)  per guest will suit a morning/afternoon tea or light meal
3-4 types of finger food per guest and 4-5 main dishes will suit a dinner or lunch (normal)
4-6 types per guest and 5-6 main dishes will suit a dinner or lunch
(large eater)



a) 1 serving of Rice:
Ensure that at least one serving of Rice is included in the meal. You may choose either Plain Rice or Fried Rice as your preferred option. This will serve as the staple component of the meal.

b) 2 servings of Protein:
It is essential to include two servings of Protein to provide adequate sustenance. Select two types of protein to offer variety and meet the guests' dietary needs. You can choose from options such as Fish and Chicken, two different types of Chicken, or a combination of Chicken and Meat.

c) 1 serving of Vegetable:
Include at least one serving of vegetables to add nutritional value and balance to the meal. Consider options such as Oyster Sauce Bak Choy, Mixed Vegetables, or any other vegetable dish of your choice.

d) 1 serving of Side:
Enhance the meal with one serving of a side dish that complements the other components. You can opt for Egg Foo Yong, Noodles, Tofu Dishes, or any other side dish that you find appealing.

e) 1 serving of Beverage (Hot or Cold):
Complete the meal with one serving of a beverage, which can be either hot or cold. Offer a refreshing drink to accompany the meal and provide hydration. Guests can choose from options such as water, tea, juice, or other beverages as per their preference.

Note: The portion sizes mentioned above are guidelines and can be adjusted based on personal preferences and dietary requirements. It is recommended to include a variety of ingredients and flavors to make the meal more enjoyable and nutritionally diverse. However, please ensure that the minimum requirement is met to avoid food shortage and potential dissatisfaction among guests

If you feel that we are not abiding by this privacy policy, you should contact us immediately via at 010 988 7606 or via email.

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