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Food Portion Guidelines


Recommended Finger Food Portion Size


The question of party food quantities to prepare for your guests is as old as hospitality itself. Party food planning is only a little tricky, though. Toggle the more-or-less of it between the linebackers and the little dainties, the snacks and the buffets.


This guideline serve as an estimation of a duration of 4 hours event . However for every extra hours it is recommended to add 30% of food

Only Finger Food

7 types of finger food per guest will suit a morning/afternoon tea or light meal
10 types of finger food per guest is ample to replace a meal for dinner or lunch. (normal)
12 types of finger food per guest is able to replace a meal for dinner or lunch (large eater)

Finger Food and Dishes

4-5 types of finger food and with 1-2 light dishes ( eg Pasta, Noodle or Rice)  per guest will suit a morning/afternoon tea or light meal
3-4 types of finger food per guest and 4-5 main dishes will suit a dinner or lunch (normal)
4-6 types per guest and 5-6 main dishes will suit a dinner or lunch
(large eater)



For every order, Tasty Touch Catering will provide up to 20% extra from the actual pax order.

Example: For an event that serve only Finger Food of 50 pax guest,  you will need to have about 350 pcs of finger food. Assuming that you order 6 types of finger food, you will get a total of (6 types x 50 pax) + 20% extra (provided by TTC)  =  360 pieces which means each guest gets  360 pieces / 50 pax = 7 items / pax allocation. This portion size suits well for morning/afternoon tea

Kindly order your food as per the suggested portion size to ensure that your guest is filled and satisfied.


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