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Tasty Touch Catering

Tasty Touch Catering is an exclusive certified HALAL (JAKIM) and  Ministry of Finance

(E-Perolehan) registered catering service provider in Klang Valley. Tasty Touch Catering offers affordable finger food and fusion dishes . Leveraging on our significant years of experience, our catering service is widely demanded by customers across the city. 


We plan recipes within your budget and ensure that we deliver the tastiest dishes on your special occasion. We cater for birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, and other events. Our food and recipe varies according to the event and the customer's choice.

We have earned many credits from our clients for providing efficient and reliable catering services.

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Why Us

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Tailored Culinary Experiences

Our team of experienced chefs crafts customized menus to suit your event's theme, dietary preferences, and budget, ensuring a culinary experience that's uniquely yours.


Zero Hassle

Planning a catering event can be stressful, but not with us. Our professional team takes care of every detail, from setup of the buffet table, waiter service to cleanup, so you can enjoy your event without worries.

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Fusion Delights

Experience the excitement of fusion cuisine. We seamlessly blend diverse culinary traditions, creating innovative and unforgettable flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Our exceptional customer service is our hallmark. From start to finish, our attentive staff ensures your complete satisfaction. We are here to cater to your needs and make your experience seamless and enjoyable

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Interactive Food Stations

Want to add an element of fun and engagement to your event? Our interactive food stations,  DIY Food Stations, allow guests to pick and choose their own fillings and toppings.

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Customizable Menu

Create a menu as unique as your event with us. Our chefs work closely with you to craft a tailored menu that suits your preferences, dietary requirements, and cultural tastes

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Cultural Sensitivity

With a deep respect for diverse cultures, we offer specialized menus for various cultural and religious celebrations, ensuring that everyone feels at home.

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Seamless Ordering

Ordering with us is quick and easy. We value your time, so we've simplified the process. Whether online or by phone, you can place your order effortlessly, leaving you free to focus on enjoying your event.

TTC Featured at Belle TV @NTV 7
TTC Featured at Feminin TV@TV 1
TTC Featured at Kosmo Newspaper
TTC Featured at Tally Press as Top 10 Caterer
TTC Featured at Tally Press as Top 10 Caterer
TTC Halal Certificate
TTC Eperolehan Certificate
Tasty Touch Catering featured on BellaTV Programme - NTV7
Tasty Touch Catering featured on Feminin TV Show - TV1
Tasty Touch Catering featured in KOSMO
Tasty Touch Catering featured in Malaysia's Top 10 Food Caterers
Tasty Touch Catering HALAL

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Tasty Touch catering in the news

Malaysia Top 10 Caterer
Yee Sang
Wedding Buffet Caterer
Top Open House Caterer

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Whether it's an engagement party, a family meal or you're hosting the next big corporate event, finding the right catering service can make or break your event. Fear not! We've compiled this list of the 11 Best Catering Services in KL & Selangor for any occasion and budget. Check out these top-rated caterers today!

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15 KL Buffet Caterers for your Big Day


As the big day inches closer, you're already stressing if the dress would still fit or contemplating on hiring someone to make sure your best friend does not get drunk and mess up the Maid of Honour speech.

Top 10 Hari Raya Open House Caterers in KL & Selangor

people are looking forward the Hari Raya celebration especially Raya open house where people visit their relatives or friends in their houses and eat good Raya food. If you planning to have a Raya open house and have no idea in choosing a caterer, here we list out our top 10 Hari Raya open house caterers in KL and Selangor


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5 Halal Caterers in KL You Need to Know

5 Halal Caterers in KL You Need to Know

Looking for caterers Kuala Lumpur that handle and prepare your meals according to Halal guidelines? Well, here's five of them...


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Whether your catering needs are for private party, small corporate functions or large scale events look no further, as we’ve got you covered with this scrumptious list of caterers that will take good care of your guests’ cravings and appetite. Voted by the public, we present to you the Malaysia’s Top 10 Food Caterers you should engage for your events.

Top 10 Toddler's Birthday Party Caterer

Feeding your party guests can be a gratifying affair but not every parent is up for a whole afternoon of slaving away in the kitchen! Fortunately, there are countless catering services
around which offer all sorts of delicious party food.

Top 10 Food Caterers in Klang Valley

Tasty Touch Catering promises to supply inexpensive finger food and fusion dishes. Customers are informed that the food they deliver can vary with your budget and taste. The team claims that not only are their tasty and beautiful little finger food for sustenance, they can also help build atmosphere and be the beginners of conversation


TTC Valued Customers Cartered

ANd many more.... 

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